Why choose me as your online business English teacher? Here are 10 reasons:

✔ I guarantee classes packed with content and a variety of activities that really work.

✔ I am a proofreader and editor, and really understand the power that words can have in business, for positive and negative reasons.

✔ I have learned a second language and am learning a third; so, I understand the frustration when things don't stick, and the great feeling of satisfaction when you get the Eureka! moment.

✔ I have learnt what I do through years of practical industry and personal experience.

✔ You can decide whether I am the right teacher for you during a free 20-minute consultation. We will discuss your requirements and expectations, and agree a course of action. Although not mandatory, I advise this before making any bookings to avoid wasting valuable lesson time.

✔ Your learning experience is my priority. I am constantly looking for ways to improve, and welcome feedback.

✔ I'm not a pushy salesperson. If, after a chat, you decide not to continue, I will leave you in peace.

✔ I will challenge you; effective learning requires a brave step out of your comfort zone.

✔ I believe that lessons should be fun, engaging, interesting and relevant to you, and give sustainable results.

✔ If you are not happy with your lesson, you can contact me within 24 hours for a refund (see terms and conditions).