Top tips for getting started in business English

It can be difficult to start learning. Firstly, you’re busy. Perhaps you work or study, maybe you have children, or a busy social life. Whatever your circumstances, it can be difficult to invest time in improving your language skills. So, here are my top tips to help you start.  Think about why you want to […]

Email myths debunked

Debunked: shown as false Long words are more impressive Definitely not! Using long words where they are not required is not only unnecessary, it can have a detrimental impact on your message. When you write emails, it is important to be clear and concise; using long words (or multiple words when one will do) can […]

Why I don’t have a YouTube channel

I love YouTube. I have spent (and, at times, wasted) many hours watching videos of all sorts. It’s a great resource and I think everyone who has internet access should use it regularly. There are some fantastic videos for learning English (be cautious, however, as there are also some questionable ones), but I made a […]

Learning “the right Spanish” for business

Some students have said to me that “business Spanish” is a bit of a misleading concept in some ways, because it suggests something much more difficult than “normal” Spanish. Is the language of business that complicated? Not really! Ok, there may be some sector-specific vocabulary which you may not hear daily, and which requires more […]

Why Spanish pronunciation matters

I’d like to spend a bit of time talking about Spanish pronunciation, which is something I focus on in lessons. Developing an understanding of Spanish pronunciation, and practising it regularly is, to me, just as important a part of learning the language as grammar and vocabulary. And yet pronunciation is sometimes seen as an area […]

Tips to ace an interview in English – part one

Interviews are always scary, but even more so when you have to speak in a language which is not your mother tongue. So, as a non-native English speaker, how can you succeed in an interview and prevent the nerves from taking over? Firstly, and most importantly, you have to prepare. You won’t know exactly what […]