Your online English lessons will be 60 minutes each (or 40 minutes if you have express lessons). They will all have structure to maximise learning, but the content will depend on your needs. Your lessons are just for you.

Although lessons will focus on developing reading and writing skills, there will be many opportunities to practice speaking and listening too; longer assignments will be provided as homework.


There are lots of reasons why you might need to write in English and three elements to consider before you start:

What: Emails / notes or minutes / CVs / proposals / newsletters / marketing materials / reviews / articles / memos / social media

Why: to persuade / to inform / to recommend / to apologise / to invite / to follow up / to request / to thank / to engage

Who for: a manager / a customer / a company / a team / a job applicant / a colleague 

Your message and your audience are just as important to think about as grammar and vocabulary. 


Mastering English can open doors in business. Are you ready? Click here to get started.