Having business Spanish tuition online is a great way to improve your language skills and build your confidence. Few British natives are able to say anything more than "hola" and "adiós", and although you don't have to speak fluently to make a real impact with Spanish speakers, even just a few phrases will be very well received. If you want to open doors to worldwide markets, build lasting international relationships or even just give yourself a new challenge, Spanish is an excellent option.

But I'm no good at languages!

Yes you are! Let me give you a few key points to consider: Spanish is, in many ways, similar to English. In fact there are hundreds of words which are the same. Pronunciation is straightforward and logical, and you will have lots of practice to improve your spoken skills. Of course, there are grammar rules to learn, but in a practical context even these can be digested fairly painlessly. And with the right guidance you really can learn. I will share some tools and techniques to ensure that you start speaking Spanish from day one.

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